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Groove of the Day 6/3/14: Just Beneath The Surface

“Just Beneath The Surface” by Dawes

I’ve been away for a while. Some things have changed; the biggest being the city that I call home. There were a lot of trips between Athens and Nashville over these past few months, and those will continue. The bad part is that it takes all of 4 hours. The good part is that’s a lot of listening time. When all of this road time was looming in front of me, I asked friends for playlists and recommendations. The big surprise of all these tunes was the opening cut from Dawes latest release.

Griffin has been on my radar for the past few years, more so than the band itself. That’s the circle of drummers for you. Lots of heavy players really like him and I understand why. There’s so much that’s so subtle in this track: excellent use of crashes, hi-hat splashes that aid the transitions, and, most notably, the hi-hat foot pattern in the chorus. Oh, and the bridge. Goldsmith is making some incredibly tasteful musical decisions that are adding nice layers of elevation when needed. Moving the hi-hat steps to straight quarters from locking in the kick is a brilliant maneuver that is underused. The shift from only accenting the snare on 4 with straight 16ths shifting into both backbeats and then into a full drum stop. From a drum perspective, it feels like a wonderful balance between both old and new, which is always much more elusive than it seems.

griffin dawes

Here’s a Spotify playlist of all the tunes that I feature in the Groove of the Day.


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