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Groove of the Day 6/14/14: A Little Bit of Everything

“A Little Bit of Everything” by Dawes

This entry will be a little different than most I write. Griffin does a fantastic job here, both live and on the record. It’s simple and in the pocket and rises and falls with the tides of his brother’s vocals. Today, I’m going to talk about the ideas in this song. Go ahead and take a listen or read the lyrics before we continue.

While the first two verses are definitely towards the darker side of life, the last one really brings everything home and clearly states the point: life is an amalgam of good and bad and in between. The man in the first verse feels like he’s lost it all. If you’ve never experienced severe depression where you’ve truly considered ending your life, the first verse sums it up the best way I can think of. The sadness doesn’t become about one thing, it becomes about the feeling of sadness that has permeated your entire life. From those things that used to bring you joy, to the completely innocuous things, to the things that make you sad, and all the memories in between. The father in the second verse is quite similar; still defeated, but locked in life and trying to fill the void. The loss of his son and the other things that have gone wrong all throughout his life cause him a great deal of suffering. Those incredible moments when we’re doing something so basic, waiting for his food order to be taken in his case, can become so overpowered by the weight of the universe that our lives can barrel into our mind without warning – the box of mementos from times long past spills as we clean out the attic of our past. The soon-to-be-married couple in the final verse, in addition to the bridge, bring this song from great to a masterpiece. The future groom laments to his fiancé that she doesn’t look happy at all as she writes invitations for their wedding. “Rest assured that this is making me feel good” she says to him. The weight of that. We all have wonderful things that we do in our lives, but that doesn’t mean that that they are absent of struggle, pain and frustration that compound into the complexity and depth of feeling.

Love and anything we do that we hitch our emotions to becomes a little bit of everything. The soon-to-be bride continues, “So in the day in late September, It’s not some stupid little ring, I’m giving a little bit of everything.” Life is complex and convoluted. Rarely is anything totally pure in our lives. Whether the gift, statement, or action comes from a pure place or not, it also has to be accepted in a completely pure way. Even then, the ramifications and further effects of that moment ripple out. But that doesn’t take away the ease of life that can be presented. We all tend to make things more over-wrought than we should. That has been my weak-spot for a number of years now. “I think that love is so much easier than you realize, If you can give yourself to someone, then you should” starts the final train of thought which Taylor explores.

‘Cause it’s a little bit of everything
The way you choke, the way you ache
It is waking up before you
So I can watch you as you wake

So in the day in late September
It’s not some stupid little ring
I’m giving a little bit of everything

Oh, it’s a little bit of everything
It’s the matador and the bull
It’s the suggested daily dosage
It is the red moon when it’s full

All these psychics and these doctors
They’re all right and they’re all wrong
It’s like trying to make out every word
When they should simply hum along

It’s not some message written in the dark
Or some truth that no one’s seen
It’s a little bit of everything

Balance; a little bit of everything. It makes a great person, father, lover, musician, and philosophy. After a conversation with a close friend about my recent time with him in the studio, he mentioned that everything is there, except something didn’t gel. I trust him; he’s a loyal friend. I know what the problem is. It’s the problem I have as a friend, bandmate, son, brother, contributor to this site, drummer, and especially lover. Much like the depression situation I mentioned earlier, it’s hard to really get what it is until you’ve experienced it. Even rarer is it to find someone that understands you instinctively. I’ve never been hit with an actual sledgehammer, but the first time I ever experienced the sensation that someone understood my head, I think it felt pretty similar. In my time, I’ve only encountered one person that instinctively understood my mode of operation. Obviously, others have, but it required some time for them to get the hang of my head. In a letter that person wrote to me, “Do you feel trapped in your mind? A blind prisoner searching for light?”

All of this and other events in my life have lead me to attempt to find a balance in life. Maybe work a little less. Maybe give less of a shit about playing the part “right” and just playing well and with feeling. Maybe making sure everyone knows how I much I care about them from time to time. Maybe sharing those dark parts of my life along with the bright parts. Just as you can just give yourself to someone in love, you can give yourself to the band/musicians in a performance. If they don’t accept your love or they can’t surrender themselves in the moment, you can’t help that. If you are always purposely holding back any amount, how do you know if you could really hit the mark? You’ve got to know when to lay it on the line. I guess that’s the closest thing to wisdom I can think of. You have to find that balance. Anything worth having requires a little bit of everything. That’s what it means to be alive.

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  1. Britt Reply

    June 17, 2014 at 2:16 am

    Beautifully written, Lemuel.

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