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Groove of the Day 1/30/14: The Minaret

The Minaret by John Vanderslice

When I was working with Scott Solter earlier this month, he’d constantly play songs that he was using as a reference for an idea. “The Minaret” referenced the idea of doing a drum overdub that was short, but functioned as a part of the melody and theme. David Douglas’ tight 16th groove, which sounds like it’s played with brushes or some similar alternative is great. That main groove fills a space, but is fairly narrow in the world of drum tones. Then you have this overdub that sounds huge drop in after the melody line and that’s it! A verse happens and you have to wait to hear it again.

Scott is all about using weird tones in more of a percussion mindset than a drum kit mindset. Obviously, the drum kit is percussion, but because of how we typically put it together and how it’s normally used, we bring along this history and legacy of thinking. We can break out of that, but sometimes you have to do some planning in terms of what will do what, just like you would in the percussion pit. Trying to create these percussive themes strikes me as an idea that sounds more like a classical than rock idea, but that’s the magic of it.

Emerald City also features “Tablespoon of Codeine,” which Jason Slota (Vanderslice’s current drummer/moogist) totally kills. Slota is amazing.

Here’s a Spotify playlist of all the tunes that I feature in the Groove of the Day.


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